Have you ever considered making a difference in the community but didn’t know how? Join the Dog Tags and Tails family and volunteer today! A network of like minded, driven individuals who truly want to stand up, take charge, and change lives! YOU can make a difference!


Volunteer Requirements

  • Adhere to the Dog Tags and Tails mission and guidelines
  • Consistently follow good ethics at all times
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect for all and any communication with community, veterans, and/or fellow volunteers
  • Complete volunteer orientation (available once a month)
  • Meet or exceed mutually agreed expectations, such as the amount of time the role is expected to take.
  • Commit wholeheartedly with best efforts



Current Dog Tags and Tails Key Volunteer Opportunities

(Updated April 2018)


Fundraising Director: Fundraising Director will play a critical role on the committee. The Fundraising Director works directly with Board of Directors and is responsible for all event wide fundraisers. Fundraising isn’t all we do but all we do depends on it! Should be equipped with confidence, professional communication skills, and motivation.

1. Focus on initiating event wide fundraising activities.
2. Manage fundraiser website, implementation and promotion of the site to raise funds. (Ex: GoFundMe)
3. Send email campaigns that encourage online fundraising to past and current supporters.
4. Update website with content on a regular basis including information, photos, challenges, fundraisers, incentives, logistics, etc. to continuously drive the activity to the site.
5. Communicate with Treasurer on any donations received and proper identification for balance sheet.

Social Media Director: Responsible for partnering with other members of the committee to ensure event participants are motivated to utilize the website as a fundraising tool.

1. Work with Operations Chair and Staff Partner
2.Promote the website and online fundraising options.
3. Promote events and community outreach by committee
4. Update social media with content on a regular basis including information, photos, fundraisers, community outreach, veterans bio’s, logistics, etc. to continuously drive activity

Web Designer/ Maintenance: This position helps with maintenance and additions to the website. Volunteer must have proficiency in both graphic design and computer programming and be attentive to deadlines.

1. Work with Operations Chair and Staff Partner
2. Maintains up-to-date information and prioritizing needs
3. Consistent with updating images and graphics
4. Enhances SEO
5. Ensures financial committee is aware and confirms payment of annual renewals 

Event Logistics Director: Responsible for coordinating arrangements for the event site. Volunteers should be organized, excel at project management and time management, and driven for results.

1. Work with Operations Chair, Event Chairs, and Staff Partner to coordinate all logistical needs for meetings and events.
2. Work with Operations Chair and Staff Partner to develop a logistics plan and strategies.
3. Obtains necessary event permits.
4. Work with Events Chair and Staff Partner to diagram the site, indicating placement for registration (if any), vendor spaces, food preparation, accounting needs, parking, dog area, children’s area, entertainment, event special guests, etc.
5. Prepare a description of available parking for volunteers, vendors, and attendees.
6. Assure the site has adequate toilet facilities, availability of water, electrical power, lighting, waste containers, registration tables (if needed), chairs, tents (excluding vendor tents), stage covering (if needed), signage and other equipment as needed.
7. Recruit volunteers for traffic control, security, setup committee, clean-up committee, etc if necessary.
8. Develop, lead and train the crisis management team on site.

Grants Writer: Prepares grant proposals. Previous experience not required. Volunteer should excel in proficiency, be organized, and have ability to cope with deadlines, pressure and multitasking.

1. Performs research to locate the best grants available.
2. Familiarize with Dog Tags and Tails programs, goals and financial needs.
3. Successfully completes grant proposals to businesses, organizations, and/or government and their affiliates.

Additional Volunteer positions:

  • Battle Buddy Adoption Committee- Help with Veteran Outreach, Adoption application screening, Assigned to individual Veteran- Battle Buddy teams to assist with their DTT journey through graduation and post graduation. Volunteers should be ethical, have personal phone manner, clear communication skills, and honesty.
  • Events Committee- Assisting in event planning, seeking sponsors for events, ensuring success throughout event, attend Harford County community events to enhance awareness of organization. Volunteers should be tidy, organized, excel at project management and time management, and driven for results.